BIM graphic Building Information Modeling (BIM) is one of the most essential digital tools available to construction companies today.

EMCOR Construction Services (ECS) companies, across the country, leverage BIM to design, build, and coordinate complex electrical and mechanical projects of all types. 

Our companies employ highly trained, in-house BIM personnel with years of experience and support them with the latest software and technology. 

Cutting-Edge Technology for Greater Collaboration 

BIM helps improve collaboration with project team members across disciplines, offering integrated graphics and data systems for incredibly detailed 3D visualizations. This allows our companies and their clients and trade partners to walk through facilities before construction takes place, so that they can fine tune designs for constructability, ergonomics, accessibility, and more. 

In the construction phase, tools like laptops or hand-held devices provide field personnel and foreman with the latest information in real time. And, cloud technology allows for contract documents, installation drawings, field layout points, markups, and 3D models to be hosted online for rapid access, even if you aren’t on site. 

The Advantages of BIM

  • Facilitate greater collaboration between design, engineering, and field teams 
  • Prevent bottlenecks and ensure smooth work processes 
  • Determine resource requirements early 
  • Avoid field conflicts and clashes 
  • Accelerate project schedules 
  • Improve productivity 
  • Minimize rework and change orders 
  • Increase opportunities for prefabrication 
  • Identify and resolve constructability issues 
  • Improve communication with internal teams and external customers 
  • Enhance presentations, discussions, and trainings with 3D visualizations
  • Leverage models and data to support facility management teams after construction 

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