Construction team member assessing supplies on siteAs a division of EMCOR Group, EMCOR Construction Services (ECS) companies have access to one of the industry’s most powerful, well-organized national supply chain and procurement networks.

EMCOR’s robust, centralized in-house procurement team is an available resource to every ECS company, ready to help maximize supply chain savings and source parts, equipment, and materials as efficiently as possible. 

Speed, Savings, and Service from a Nationwide Network 

Depending on what good or service is needed, EMCOR’s national procurement group affords several unique benefits:

  • Goods and Materials: They have hundreds of existing national agreements with leading suppliers. This puts them in an exclusive group of customers and helps ensure the best pricing and service.
  • Major Equipment:  With a system for comparing prices nationwide, on a real-time basis, they help ensure ECS companies are getting the best prices available. And, by dealing directly with many manufacturers, they are able to influence delivery times and receive more attentive problem resolutions.
  • Commodities: From pipe valves and fitting to wire and conduit to steel and much more, they are able to leverage their purchasing power and volume purchases to secure significant discounts on a number of commodities. In general, they can source commodities up to 30 percent lower than market cost.
  • Rental Equipment: Thanks to long-standing relationships with a majority of the nation’s equipment rental companies, they provide exceptional rates in virtually every region of the country.
  • Managed Services: They strive to integrate subcontractors into project teams, so that clients see a seamless, integrated service provider. Suppliers are expected to meet strict pre-established criteria and achieve key performance metrics for employee retention, safety, and quality.